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Consulting with a Los Angeles, CA, lawyer about a case can seem like a drastic measure to take, and The Law Offices of Austin Dove may be able to help you decide whether it’s an appropriate choice for you to consider. We’re flexibly available for consultations, so you can feel free to schedule your appointments in a manner that suits your needs.

We offer after-hours availability by phone, and our clients have the opportunity to discuss their cases with a Spanish-speaking attorney. Local residents seek our advice about cases that involve:

  • Criminal allegations, including federal charges
  • DUI claims
  • Personal injury lawsuits

At The Law Offices of Austin Dove, you have the chance to sit down face-to-face with a Los Angeles, CA, lawyer who’ll attentively review the details of your case. We’re open Monday, 8am - 6pm; Tuesday - Friday, 9am - 5pm; and Saturday - Sunday, by appointment only. Discuss your questions with us in the near future, and we’ll explain how you may be able to better defend your rights in a court of law.